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Best Speed Rope – Updated for 2021

Another must-have for your gym bag!

A speed rope is a great tool to stay in shape. There are so many reasons to pick one up (it’s light, portable, low-impact, etc., etc…). Jumping rope is also one of the most effective forms of cardio, even more effective than running!

The best speed rope is the Speed Rope by Rush Athletics. This speed rope, also known as the “Money Rope”, is adjustable, making it a perfect fit for any height. It has a 5mm vinyl, PVC rope making it one of the more durable speed ropes. The handles are lightweight and a bit longer which are great for freestyle jump rope.

Whether it’s this speed rope, or a different one, there are a few things you should consider before buying. The handle, the material of the cable or rope, and the price.

Choosing a handle, ideally something longer and lightweight

One of the first things I look at when purchasing a new speed rope is the handle. I do a lot of freestyle jump rope, moving through various movements and transitions. In order to do these effectively the handle needs to be both lightweight and a little longer.

A longer handle makes it easier to do some of the more complex movements like crossovers and double-unders. And, a handle that’s lightweight will allow you to rotate the rope much quicker.

I really like plastic handles, but that’s purely a preference. There are a lot of great aluminum handles as well.

Selecting the right material

There’s a variety of materials to choose from when comparing different speed ropes. And, there’s not really a right or wrong way to go. It’s more based on preference.

For me, I tend to like PVC cables. They seem to be a bit more durable, and I also like they way they feel while I’m jumping.

That said, there are some great speed ropes that are made from other materials like wire, polymer-coated cables, etc… I just prefer PVC cable.

The one material I’d suggest staying away from is leather. There aren’t many jump ropes made from leather anymore. Still, you’ll come across them occasionally, I think Everlast makes one.

Price… you don’t need a lot of $$$

There are hundreds of options to choose from when buying a speed rope. And, there’s plenty of affordable options that are often times better than the really fancy, expensive jump ropes.

Unless you’re going to invest in a really nice rope, like the Jump Rope Set by Crossrope, I wouldn’t suggest spending more than $30 or $40.