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World Jump Rope Records – All of Them!

You’d be surprised how many records have been set, and broken, in the sport of jump rope. And, some of them are so outrageous, it will blow your mind. For example, the most underwater rope jumps in an hour… that’s an actual record someone set!

So, what are they?

What are the world jump rope records?

Well, let’s start with the main ones: Fastest Jump Rope, Longest Jump Rope Record, and Double Under Record.

1. Fastest Jump Rope

The world’s fastest jump rope record was set in 2019 at an international jump rope competition in Shanghai. Cen Xiaolin, who previously set the record, managed to jump rope 228 times in 30 seconds.

Watch the video, it’s pretty incredible!

Cen Xiaolin, a teenager from the southern province of Guangdong, China, has been jumping rope since he was 12 years old. He first started jumping rope while attending primary school in 2012. Since then, he’s broken countless records, including many he set himself.

You might be wondering what it takes to jump rope like Cen Xiaolin. What can you do to break world jump rope records? Well, you can start by training, and training hard. Cen spends two to four hours training each day!

My guess is your lifestyle probably isn’t conducive of that level of training. While training is the only thing that will enable you to break world records, getting a speed jump rope is a good place to start.

Fastest Jump Rope Available

It’s hard to tell which jump rope is truly the fastest, especially given how many jump ropes are on the market. That said, there are a couple speed ropes I believe will improve your speed dramatically.

One of the fastest jump ropes is the Elite Surge 3.0 by EliteSRS. The kink-resistant cable, ball bearing design, and ultra-light aluminum handles enable incredibly fast rotations.

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2. Longest Jump Rope Record

The world’s longest jump rope record is held by Joey Motsay, an endurance athlete from Dryden, NY. Joey jumped roped, nonstop, for 33 hours and 20 minutes at a charity event in 2009. The attempt, which is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records, raised $38,000 for charity.

Joey, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, owns and operates his own Gym in Greensboro, NC. His gym, Positive Stress Workout, is where the charity event took place and where this record was set. Joey raised over $38,000 for Smile Train, a charity which offers children cleft surgeries at no cost.

This isn’t the only world record Joey’s attempted either. Joey, a self-proclaimed “sweat addict”, holds two other world records that I’m aware of. He once rode a stationary bike for 176 hours straight! And, at the age of 50, he pushed a car 50 miles in under 24 hours!

Longest Jump Rope (Longest Rope Skipped)

Another record exists for the longest jump rope, but it’s not what you might think. In 2011, Stichting Rijksmuseum Het Zuiderzeemuseum created the longest jump rope ever skipped. The rope, which measures nearly 45 meters in length (147 ft 6 in), was jumped 10 times by 3 girls.

Consider Picking Up a Weighted Jump Rope

If you’re looking to burn more calories, experience greater muscle engagement, and get an overall better workout, you might consider picking up a weighted jump rope.

The Muay Thai Jump Rope, from EliteSRS, is the weighted rope I use.

3. Double Under Record

There are two different world records for double unders. One for the most consecutive double unders and one for the most double unders in 30 seconds.

Most Double Unders in 30 Seconds

The world record for most double unders was set by Cen Xiaolin in 2019 at a Jump Rope Challenge Competition in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. Cen Xiaolin, who set the previous record only a month earlier, performed 105 double unders in 30 seconds.

Most Consecutive Double Unders

The world jump rope record for most consecutive double unders was set by Frank Oliveri in May, 1988. Frank performed 10,709 consecutive double unders!

World Jump Rope Records You Won’t Believe

If you’ve ever browsed the Guinness Book of World Records website, you’ve likely come across some strange world records. For example, most naked people on a roller coaster… or, the most hula-hoopers in one spot. Like, who comes up with this stuff!?

Well, you’ll be happy to know (or maybe annoyed), I’ve put together a list of all the strangest jump rope world records I could find. And, there are some weird ones!

1. Most Underwater Rope Jumps

I didn’t even know you could jump rope underwater, let alone set world records for it. It’s been done though. You’ll have to check out the video, it’s interesting and a little funny to watch.

The world record for most underwater rope jumps was set by Peter Nestle, a 7-Time World Jump Rope Champion. In 2014, in Raleigh, North Carolina, Peter performed 1871 rope jumps underwater. This is only one of the 11 world records Peter holds for jumping rope.

2. Oldest Competitive Rope Skipper

When I think of competitive jump rope, I usually picture teenagers and elementary school children. However, that’s not always the case.

The world record for oldest competitive rope skipper was set twice by the same woman, Annie Judis. Annie, a 76-year old woman from Beverly Hills, competed at a jump rope competition in San Diego in February 2020. Annie jumped for a consecutive 2 minutes and 20 seconds, setting a new record in that category.

3. Most Rope Jumps Wearing Swim Fins

Yeah, you read that right… someone decided it would be a good idea to jump rope wearing swim fins. They also recorded it and set a world record. Apparently, the jumper is a skilled rope jumper as well as swimmer, with fins. So, naturally, he did both at the same time.

The world record for most rope jumps wearing swim fins was set by Kazuya Kusanagi. In 2017, in Japan, Kazuya performed 167 rope jumps in one minute while wearing swim fins.

4. Most Rope Jumps Wearing Ski Boots

If you thought wearing swim fins while jumping rope wasn’t bizarre, this guy decided to jump rope in his ski boots. And, he set a world record for it. To be honest, I’m semi-considering trying this myself. That said, I don’t own a pair of ski boots. I’m also plenty ridiculous as is, I don’t need to jump rope in a pair of ski boots to check that box.

The world record for most rope jumps while wearing ski boots was set by Ashrita Furman in 2016. Ashrita, who held the previous record, performed 161 rope jumps in one minute, while wearing ski boots.

All jokes aside, Ashrita Furman is a pretty interesting guy. Ashrita actually holds the world record for most Guinness Book of World Records. He’s set more than 700 Guinness Records since 1979 and currently holds over 200 standing records. Some of his feats include: the most watermelons sliced on a stomach in one minute… and, the fastest time running a mile while balancing a milk bottle on his head, among others… haha

5. Most Rope Jumps by a Dog

Yep, that’s right, dogs also jump rope. And, apparently, they’re pretty good at it too. You’ll have to check out the video, it’s pretty funny.

The world record for most rope jumps by a dog is held by Geronimo, a two-year old Border Collie and Kelpie mix. In 2012, in New York City, Geronimo achieved 91 rope jumps in one minute with her owner Samantha Valle.

6. Most Rope Jumps on a Balance Beam

Another odd world jump rope record, also recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records, is the most rope jumps on a balance beam. I won’t lie, this sounds pretty difficult. Nonetheless, it’s pretty silly…

The world record for the most rope jumps while on a balance beam is held by Sadatoshi Watanabe. In 2019, in Tokyo, Japan, Sadatoshi achieved 200 rope jumps while on a balance beam.

How to Set a World Record?

If you are seeking your own 15 minutes of fame, you might try setting or breaking a Guinness World Record. The process, which I have outlined below, isn’t overly complicated. If this is something you’re considering, I’d love to hear what record you’ve set your sights on. Leave us a comment below!

1. Browse the Guinness Book of World Records database

The first step in breaking a world record is to figure out what record you want to break! The best place to start is by browsing the Guinness Book of World Records database to see what records have already been set. Using the Guinness Book of World Records website, search by your category/expertise and see what’s been done.

It’s a good idea to check out the guidelines and policies pages too, to familiarize yourself with the rules.

2. Identify the record you want to set or break

Once you have an idea of what records have already been set, you’ll want to decide what record you want to shoot for. Many records have already been achieved, while others have yet to be attempted. If you decide you want to set a new record, it’s important you select a record that’s significantly different than one already attempted.

3. Apply for the official guidelines (usually a 12-week waiting period)

Once you’ve selected the record you’re going to attempt, you’ll need to apply for the official guidelines for that record. This process can take a little while, so it will require some patience. The wait time once you’ve applied can vary, sometimes taking up to 12 weeks.

If your application is rejected, Guinness should provide you with an explanation. If you’re in a rush, you can use their fast track application process.

4. Make sure you understand the rules and requirements

Before you start training, it’s important you fully understand the guidelines and requirements for the specific record you’ll be attempting to break. This isn’t a step you want to skip. Breaking a record without following the rules will prevent you from being recognized. Know the rules!

Additionally, there is a specific format for how you’re supposed to collect and present your evidence. This is a crucial step.

5. Practice (be confident in your ability to achieve the record)

Once you’ve selected the record you’ll be attempting, you understand the rules, and your application has been accepted, you’ll want to start training. This is probably the single most important step. And honestly, you probably should have been training prior to applying. World records don’t get broken without hours and hours of practice.

6. Coordinate the official attempt (pick a date and location)

Once you’re ready to attempt the world record, you’ll need to select a date, time, and location. The rules for this should be clearly outlined in your record’s guidelines. Make sure to review those before making the necessary arrangements.

You’ll need to ensure a witness is present, and potentially an expert specializing in the area your record is held. Also, you’ll want to arrange for a photographer or videographer to be present to document your attempt.

7. Submit the necessary evidence and documentation

Congrats, you’ve done it. You’ve broken a world record! The next step is getting the recognition you deserve. This is where you’ll submit the evidence you’ve prepared proving you successfully beat the record.

Nearly half of all submissions are rejected due to lack of evidence. Make sure you’re thorough when presenting your case to ensure there is no questions about your performance.

8. Receive the official Guinness Book of World Records certificate

Once your evidence is received, reviewed, and approved you’ll receive your official Guinness Book of World Records certificate. You’ll also have a chance to buy additional swag should you choose to do so.

Congrats, champ!

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